Skylight Leak Repairs & Installations

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With 30+ years of expertise in skylight installations and general roofing repairs, our company remains the number one service in the area. This team continues to craft world-class solutions to help property owners with their roofing and skylight needs.  Skylights are a fabulous addition to any home, allowing natural light to illuminate and create a sense of openness in a room – however after many years if not installed correctly, they can be prone to leaks.  If left unattended, these leaks can cause much larger repair bills so it’s best to remedy these issues as soon as possible while it’s still inexpensive to fix.

Setting up a skylight requires meticulous attention to detail and years of dedicated knowledge. All specialists working for our company are trained, knowledgeable, and passionate about their job. This will guarantee a comprehensive experience whether it has to do with repair work or a new installation.

Here is more on what makes us special.


1) Skylight Installations
2) Skylight Repairs
3) Scheduled Skylight Maintenance

Long-Lasting Performance

All services will guarantee long-lasting performance after the certified specialist gets down to work. Our team is trained and uses the best techniques. The skylight’s integrity will remain intact once it has been repaired or installed on your property.

A comprehensive assessment is done before the installation process commences using our world-class equipment. The specialist will analyze how the skylight is seated on the roof and how well it’s functioning. This service doesn’t cut corners and is going to emphasize quality when the project is underway.

Seamless Installation

Need to have a skylight installed on your property?

With our years of expertise and dedicated team, the specialists will be able to examine the roof, set up a plan, and execute it on time. Clients will know they’re going to receive a quality skylight that’s bright, meaningful, and aesthetically pleasing. The goal is to provide property owners with a solution that’s in line with modern requirements and stands out for all the right reasons.

Seamless installations are essential and the backbone of what this team has to offer.

Customized Repairs

For skylight repairs, a specialist will come in immediately to take a peek at what is going on and where the issue might be. After the assessment is complete, a plan will be developed to offer a swift solution.

All repair work is consistent, affordable, and offers quality results.

The team is proud to work hard on all skylights and has an excellent understanding of what needs to be done. The repair work will not take long once this team gets started.

For more information on skylight installations or repairs, please call in and speak with one of our trusted representatives at (604)-330-0255. The representative will offer a free estimate personalized for your property and its needs.